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COVID Policies March 2021

With the changes to the Texas mandates, we want to let you all know where we stand. Although the Governor has lifted the state wide restrictions for businesses beginning March 10th, each business now has the freedom to institute their own policies. As a private...

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Keeping Perspective

Brides, let's be really frank for a minute. There is something that needs to be said ~  it may ruffle some feathers but it has to be said ~ at the end of the day It. Is. Just. A. Dress. I know, I know blasphemous coming from a bridal shop owner, right? Don't get me...

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Chantel Lauren Bridal

It should come as no surprise that Chantel Lauren is our first designer showcase ~ a true fan favorite here at Serendipity! The Chantel Lauren collection first stole our attention with the infamous steel blue "Mae" dress and then stole our hearts with their first trip...

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Serendipity Bridal ~ Reinvented

Our labor of love is almost upon us and we are just about bursting with excitement and anticipation (you think Christmas Eve as a kid was bad ~ that was nothing) ! This has been a plan 3 years in the making with a series of strategically executed pieces to perfectly...

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What is a Trunk Show?

Hi there, bride-to-be’s! My name is Alison, and I’m a Bridal Consultant here at Serendipity Bridal. I’ve been working in the bridal industry for a couple of years now, and I absolutely love helping future brides find the dress of their dreams! I’m here to answer any...

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