What is a Trunk Show?

September 30th, 2016

Hi there, bride-to-be’s! My name is Alison, and I’m a Bridal Consultant here at Serendipity Bridal. I’ve been working in the bridal industry for a couple of years now, and I absolutely love helping future brides find the dress of their dreams! I’m here to answer any questions my brides may have, and one question I hear often is, “What is a Trunk Show?”.

If you’ve been looking for the dress of your dreams, you may have noticed bridal stores and designers talking about Trunk Shows. When I hear the word “trunk,” I’m immediately reminded of the amazing dress-up trunk that my sister and I shared as little girls. It was filled with dance recital costumes, beaded formal gowns from my mother, and all kinds of sparkly pretty things that my sister and I would play dress up with for hours on end! We would dive into our trunk of treasures, and find new ways to style ourselves in the lovely dresses the trunk contained.

Fast forward a couple of decades and I’m still marveled by the amazing dresses that you can find from a trunk! When a bridal store hosts a Trunk Show, they receive dresses (usually in a trunk, hence the name!) from a designer so that brides can preview their latest bridal collections, sometimes before they even arrive in stores!

Just because a bridal store carries a particular designer doesn’t mean that they have every single one of their dresses in the store. And now that many designers allow photography at their press shows, you may see pictures of gowns online that aren’t even available yet. Fashion shows showcase the designer’s latest collections to bridal buyers and press, but those dresses usually don’t arrive in stores for a few months due to production times on many of these hand-crafted beauties. As soon as they show the dresses on the runway though, those dresses are then packed into a trunk to travel to different bridal stores around the country for real brides to try on!

Seeing the dresses before they arrive in stores is only one of the perks of shopping at a Trunk Show though. During a Trunk Show, the designer will usually offer a special incentive for brides to say “Yes” to their dress. Sometimes this is a percentage off of the gown, other times they will offer special customizations for free or even a free accessory with purchase! The designer decides incentives, as well as the individual store, and they’re only applicable during the designer’s Trunk Show.  No matter what the incentive is though, it is always the best deal the designer will allow and a great time to buy!

So if you’ve seen a designer advertising a Trunk Show, and you’re wondering whether or not you should check it out – here’s your sign! Not only does a Trunk Show allow you to see dresses that aren’t even in stores yet, but also you can get the dress of your dreams at an amazing deal. I never imagined as a little girl that a trunk could contain even more fabulous treasures than my beloved dress up trunk used to hold – but every bridal Trunk Show I unpack excites me even more to see what new and creative designs bridal designers have created for our beautiful brides to wear!

Interested in checking out what shows Serendipity has coming up? Check out our Events page for a list of our upcoming shows and call to make sure to book an appointment.  Hope to see you soon!

XOXO- Alison

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